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Hi, Everyone! Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Danny, and I want to share with you my journey on Ivermectin horse paste and my CURE(that’s right) CURE for Lyme disease and all its co-infections that they’ve been screwing us on for decades! Dirt Road Discussions is a channel about the truth, so if you aren’t ready, Get ready! Or, if you don’t like what you see, go to one of the other lying, scamming, and cheating channels that sell “snake oils” that don’t do a thing! The people who run these sites and sell these products haven’t ever been sick or lived the life I HAVE! Dirt Road Discussions began in November 2021 on Telegram, but my journey started 5 1/2 years ago when I was almost killed by Babesiosis.

Let me make this clear! THERE IS NOTHING FOR SALE ON THIS SITE !!! Nor on my Telegram Channel! I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I’m just a guy who grew up on a farm and operated equipment all my life. I drive a 30-year-old truck, and I live on a dirt road. I was told 3 times by my doctors that I was going to die! The 120 pills my doctors had prescribed were a joke and did nothing to heal me. I had a port in my heart, heart failure, and early-onset Alzheimers and Parkinson’s. I had no choice but to take control of my health, or I would die. Maybe you are at that point too? Or maybe you are just tired of being sick or in pain.

I’m not here for my health; I’m here for yours. No cost, no co-pay, or membership.

You can hear my entire healing journey here: https://t.me/DirtRoadDiscussion/6895

I am here to offer free source information from my healing journey and the THOUSANDS of others who have used Ivermectin to cure their diseases. I have come to prove that the FDA, BIG PHARMA, and BIG INSURANCE have WEAPONIZED OUR PARASITES as we are mammals by God or by nature (depending on how you see it ). Just because you wear clothes and drive a vehicle does not make you any less of a mammal. Sugars and preservatives feed these parasites and compromise our insides, making us sick. Ivermectin cures Covid, but parasites also cause 96% of every illness on the planet! Bacteria causes the other 3%, and 1% is for ailments I haven’t heard of yet. MOST medications we are on reduce our immune systems allowing illnesses to come back stronger as all they do is kill off some bacteria. The drugs don’t kill all the bacteria, so you get caught up in a cycle of prescription refills. Then the bacteria are never entirely gone, so it continues to compromise you even further than you already were.

SO! With all that said, I don’t want your “theories” or “opinions” because I have lived and CURED Lyme disease of all kinds, plus I still haven’t found anything the 1.87% horse paste won’t or can’t handle. Except if you break a bone or fall out of a window! I use Equimax 1.87% ivermectin and 14.03% Praziquantel, but I am not endorsing any brand or manufacturer.

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